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Our Analysts review the following attributes when considering a new investment: location, market demand, facility design, development and operations management team, financial/business models and proposed exit strategy. Information that you will be asked to provide to aid in our review include:


  • Project Overview/Description – this is typically a high level summary that includes information about the proposed senior housing project including: care levels offered at proposed facility (assisted living, memory care, transitional care, etc.), number of beds by care level, ownership structure, developer and operator experience, project timeline, project financing structure, and pre-marketing activities.
  • Project Financials – includes pro forma, construction/development costs, operating costs, etc.
  • Architectural drawings – review facility design to understand quality of finish out and amenities
  • Market Study – market study that was recently performed by an independent third party.
  • Exit Strategy – what is your exit strategy? Long term hold, refinance, future sale?

The more information that you can provide, the easier it will be for us to determine whether your project is a potential fit for our investment portfolio.




We Provide Senior Housing Capital

You Focus on Operations & Development.

 Providing Equity & Mezzanine Capital For Up to 5 Years

A Focus on New Development Projects

 Actively Partnering on Projects Across the US

  Ideal Size Projects Range From 60 to 150 Units

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